Registration List & Caps
The ODBA Junior District Championships 2018 will be enforcing registration caps for each category of each age group.  These caps have been determined from previous participation rates, estimated match duration, etc.  These caps can been seen below.  If you haven't already registered, then register HERE.

Registration Caps by Teams (not participants)

 U11 U13
U17 U19 
Boys Singles: 7/16
Girls Singles: 2/16
Boys Doubles: 2/8
Girls Doubles: 1/8
Mixed Doubles: 2/8

Boys Singles: 14/16
Girls Singles: 10/16
Boys Doubles: 8/8
Girls Doubles: 3/8
Mixed Doubles: 6/16 

Boys Singles: 34/32
Girls Singles: 14/32
Boys Doubles: 17/16
Girls Doubles: 5/16
Mixed Doubles: 9/16  

Boys Singles: 27/32
Girls Singles: 11/32
Boys Doubles: 14/16
Girls Doubles: 5/16
Mixed Doubles: 12/16  

Boys Singles: 33/32
Girls Singles: 14/32
Boys Doubles: 15/16
Girls Doubles: 8/16
Mixed Doubles: 18/32 
** last update was Apr 2nd, 2018

Registered Participants

1. If you are looking for a partner, ask to be paired with a participant on Partner Request by sending an email to jrDistricts.
2. For doubles & mixed, both partners must be registered and have paid by the payment deadline.