Register Here

This year the registration will be done online.  After registering, if you need help making changes to your registration, just send an email to with the changes/updates you'd like; for example, partner changes, event changes, or withdrawals.  Verify your registration was successful by checking out the list of registrations.

Registration Details:
  • Methods: Online Form
  • Deadline: Monday April 1st @ 11:59:59 pm
  • Bonus: Up to 175 Free T-Shirts

Payment Details:
  • Cost: $30 (1 event); $35 (2 events); $40 (3 events)
  • Surcharge: $5 if not a member not of an ODBA affiliated club
  • Deadline: Monday April 1st @ 11:59:59 pm
  • Payment: e-transfer to; identify player, and set security answer to 'badminton'
  • Open Tournament: all interested players are welcome (not limited to ODBA affiliated players)
  • Restriction: Cannot register same event in two age groups (ie. U15 singles and U17 singles)
Registration Caps:
  • Caps will be enforced for each category of each age group.  These caps can been seen on the left sidebar of the JR Districts website


  •  Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles