Junior Rankings

The answers to the following questions were answered on April 25th, 2013, by the ODBA Junior Development Director - Thuy Pham. If you have any questions or concerns, on the topic of Junior Rankings, please direct your questions to the Junior Development Director.  Thank you!

What are ranking points, and how are they used?

The ranking points are given out in a ODBA district tournament depending on your results in the events you entered.  The ranking point distribution is shown in the attached document.  Accummulated ranking points will be used in calculation of year end outstanding athlete of the year for each age group.

Is there a public list/website to view the current ranking points?

Yes, there is a public list/website to view the current ranking points Go to: http://www.badmintonottawa.com/N/Jr-Ranking.htm.

If a participant earns Ottawa District ranking points, but is not part of an affiliated club, what could that individual do to receive ranking points?

Currently a player who is not part of an affiliated club will not be listed on ODBA junior ranking standing even though ranking system does keep track results from this player .  An option is a player can pay a $5 fee/year to a club (Hintonburg, Kanata Junior Badminton club, etc) to become a non playing affiliated member for that club.  This way players can get all privileges associated with affiliated member such as ranking, apply for special fund and travel fund from ODBA.

Can a participant which lives outside of the Ottawa District earn points?

Answered in the above question.

In previous years, if you participated in a tournament, you earned points, does this rule apply this year?

The ODBA junior ranking standing at the time of posting will list the results and ranking points with in the 12 months of the last updated tournament.  For example if the junior ranking posted for up to May 2012, the results and ranking points from May 2011 to May 2012 will be used for calculation.  However currently the ranking points earn at lower age group (eg. U14) will not be used when a player moves to a higher age group (eg. U16) based on year born.  A proposal will come in for next season (2013-2014) that half of ranking points from lower age group can be used in calculation of ranking points of same player at higher age group.  Eg, Player A has 400 ranking points in U14 for year 2012-2013 by Oct 2013 this player has to move up to U16 with no ranking points using current rule.  With new proposal this player would still have 200 ranking points.

Are points earned in B.On tournaments (or Badminton Canada) counted towards the Ottawa District rankings?

The point earned in B.On tournaments can not be counted towards the ODBA rankings because we can not keep track the results of all B. Ontario tournaments (~ 20 tournaments).  However there is one exception.  Ranking points earned in B. Ontario tournaments that located in Ottawa and organized by ODBA will be used in calculation of ODBA Junior ranking (eg. Ontario Junior B #6 on Nov 2012 in Ottawa).

Is there a list of qualified "Other District Tournaments"?

The list of qualified tournament is listed on junior ranking website http://www.badmintonottawa.com/N/Jr-Ranking.htm. For this year only the Luero Junior Open and the Junior district championship are used for junior ranking provided tournaments' organizers submit the results as requested to Junior Development Organizer.  There is a proposal for next year that only ODBA sanctioned tournaments results will be used for calculation of junior ranking.  ODBA is preparing the requirements for ODBA sanctioned tournaments.

Can ranking points be earned from the High School tournaments?

Ranking points can not be earned from the High School tournaments because each player was restricted to play in only one event and not all junior players make school teams.

For tournament organizers, what is the process to become sanctioned and earn ranking points?

ODBA is currently preparing the conditions to be ODBA sanctioned tournaments.  All ODBA sanctioned junior tournaments will be ODBA ranking tournaments.

What is the beginning and end dates for ranking points to be collected?

Ranking points earned for each season is from September to June to the year after (eg. Sept 2012 - June 2013).  However at the time of posting junior ranking standing, the ranking points were within the last 12 months from the newest tournament that was included in the ranking standing.

What happened when there is a combine of two age groups because of not enough participants?

When there is not enough participants in one age group and the organizer combined the two age group together (eg. U11 BD with U13 BD), how is the ranking points awarded?  The ranking points will be awarded for higher age group (eg. U11 players will be awarded U13 BD ranking points, not U11BD ranking points).

How many points can be earned at this Championships or other tournaments?

The table below describes the Junior Point distribution:

Ranking Tournaments and Points 2012-13 Main Round Consolation B Round
(need 8+ players/event)
(need 4+ players)
(need 4+ players)
(need 4+ players)
(need 4+ players)
(need 4+ players)
(need 16+ players/event)
Winner Finalist
ODBA Junior District Championships 45 35 25 15 20 12 10 8
Other District Tournaments 25 20 15 10 12 8 7 5