Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a section full of common questions that parents and children have. Please go through these if you have a question. If you have further questions that aren't answered in this section or isn't clear, don't hesitate to email

Who is eligible to register?

  • Only those that are not currently district champions of another district can register.

  • Players are not limited to ODBA affiliated players.

  • Every participant must fit the age restrictions/requirements.

  • Cannot register same event in two age groups. ie. U13 single and U15 single.

What is the registration Fee?

  • $30 for 1 event
  • $35 for 2 events
  • $40 for 3 events
  • $5 surcharge for non ODBA affiliated clubs members

How do I pay my registration Fee?

Please put your child's name on the cheque or in the e-transfer e-mail/message.
  1. E-transfer to Fei Tam at
  2. Cheque made out to ODBA and mailed to:
                2 Jarlan Terrace
               Ottawa, ON K2L 3L7
  1. Cash handed directly to Eugene Lee or Fei Tam.

When is the registration deadline?

Registration and Payment deadline: April 1st 2019 at 11:59pm for registration and payment.

When can I withdraw from the tournament and still get a refund?

Players who withdraw before March 29th can get a full refund. Players who withdraw after the deadline will not receive a refund unless they provide a medical certificate signed by a physician.

What do I get with my registration fee?

  1. Free T-shirt to the first 175 to register.
  2. Nylons Shuttles (Yonex Mavis) will be supplied for ALL games.
  3. Tax receipts for the registration fee

What can I do with the tax receipt?

The registration fee is tax deductible. Please retain the receipt for income tax purposes.

How can I find a partner?

There are two ways to find partners.

1. You can put down as partner request on your registration form if you do not have a partner yet and still wish to play for that category.

2. If you are interested in posting your availability, fill out the form at Player Finder page, and press the Submit button. Please fill out a phone number, an email address, or some other creative way to contact you. If someone is interested in talking to you, they will need some method of contacting you.

What is the tournament schedule?

This tournament will be held in at the RA Center (2451 Riverside Drive, Ottawa ON)

Here are the list of age groups, where, and when they play.
  • U11 - Saturday @ RA Centre
  • U13 - Saturday @ RA Centre
  • U15 - Friday & Sunday @ RA Centre
  • U17 - Friday & Sunday @ RA Centre
  • U19 - Saturday @ RA Centre
For a more detailed timing breakdown of each event, please see the SCHEDULE

What should a player wear?

Dress Code:
Short sleeves, shorts and non-marking shoes. Shorts that extend below the knee are deemed inappropriate clothing. Coloured clothing permitted. The referee reserves the right to ask competitors to change inappropriate clothing.

It is recommended that all players aged 18 and under SHOULD wear protective eyewear meeting the ASTM F803 standard whenever there are 2 or more people on court.

Would shuttles be provided?

Nylons Shuttles (Yonex Mavis) will be supplied for ALL games. Feather birds can be used if both sides agree and provide their own birds.

Is there parking available?

Yes, the RA centre has free parking outside the gym. For more information, please go to the MAP

What should I do upon arrival?

Please check in with the control desk when you arrive regardless if you have paid or not, so the tournament organizers know that you have arrived. If you have not paid, the accepted payment is either cash or cheque. Please check in with the control desk every day if you are playing more than one day even if you have already checked in and paid the day before.

Will late arrivals be defaulted?

YES. Players failing to report on court for their match within 10 minutes of the match being announced will be defaulted.

Can I purchase a T-Shirt?

No, unfortunately not anymore. So, sign up fast! The first 175 participants will receive a free t-shirt!
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