2019 Ottawa District Junior Badminton Championships

To all of the participants and parents,

Thank you for joining us this 2019 Ottawa District Junior Badminton Championships - brought to you by the ODBA, RA Badminton Club, Oliver Sport, and all of the volunteers. This tournament is managed and operated entirely by volunteers. On behalf of the ODBA and all of the volunteers, we hope all of you had a great time and look forward to joining us again next year. Next year's registration will be available by Jan 1st, 2020.

I'd like to congratulate all of the participants for putting it all on the line and testing your skills, your physical endurance, and mental determination! This is the path towards getting better and learning valuable skills easily transferable to all sorts of other facets in your life - including academia. Some good advice to remember is that often the harder path is the more rewarding one! Pat yourself on the back; as long as you tried your best, you won.

I'm very grateful for having the opportunity to help out with this tournament for 8 years now. Most of my contributions are behind the scenes and begin many months ahead. It always feels great to see it all come together see so many enjoying themselves. And, like the many other volunteers, we want to make a difference, we want to make this the best for all of the kids. So, if you have any comments, constructive feedback, please let us know - we want to hear it.

Eugene Lee.

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